Sunday, October 13, 2013

Midnight Hollow Gold + Voodoo Clothing Set

Explore a landscape where all you're really required to be is yourself. Under the subdued sky of Midnight Hollow, it's the residents who really shine. Eccentric townsfolk have taken a century-old Victorian town and made it a place they can call home. What life will you make in a town where creativity and individuality are at the center of it all?

Will you be the owner of an art gallery bringing culture to the town? Or run a vintage furniture boutique to add class to Sims homes? Or a car showroom showing Sims life in the fast lane? The business opportunities are endless!

Download World

Download Voodoo Clothing Set
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I've provided multiple mirrors of the download in case any are taken down. In the case that one is, try another. All of the sites are safe. If all links are down, let me know in a comment below so I can fix it.